「綠頂行動計劃」申請成功 「師•人•空間 」建築



「師•人•空間 」建築

「綠頂行動計劃 」Green Roof Action

We are pleased to announce that our application for funding from Environmental Protection Department is approved. Hence, we are now recruiting a large number of professional and experienced helpers for the project.


Green Roof Action (aka Green Roof Scheme) aims to promote sustainable development through implementing sustainable features in 19 secondary and primary schools in HK. The first stage of the entire project is to carry out feasibility study for the 19 schools.


Content of Scheme

HK Architecture Centre will be the leading applicant, with full support from HK Joint-school Meteorological Association (JSMA) and the schools. This project is divided into 3 stages: Feasibility Stage, Development Stage, and Maintenance Stage. Knowledge dissemination will be conducted through workshops, exhibitions, and other activities in the later stages.

Feasibility Stage

In this stage, we will work to identify which of the 19 schools are structurally, economically, and socially feasible for the implementation of ‘Green Roof’. The studies shall be completed in 9 weeks time.

We are inviting professionals, experienced and interested individuals and parties for the feasibility studies. Study teams should include architects, structural engineers, quantity surveyors, electronic & mechanical engineers / service engineers, landscape architects, and technical supporters. Please see below for details of the scope of feasibility study.

Your Participation

This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to contribute educating the local communities the possibilities to build a sustainable living environment. Your professional inputs will be an invaluable inspiration to our future generation in the schools. Why wait, call us now at 2805 7146.

Should you wish to know more details about this project, please do not hesitate to contact us through 2805 7146, or email info@archicentre.hk.

If interested, please click HERE to download a reply slip.