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Cha-Chan-Teng Space Pilgrimage

Exhibition of Laminate
Winning designs



Cha-Chan-Teng Space Pilgrimage
Exhibition of Laminate Winning designs



"Cha-Chan-Teng" means the Hong Kong style tea cafe.

Introduction by Stan Lai

"This is an event about the old cha-chan-tengs in Hong Kong. As a popular eatery in Hong Kong, "cha-chan-teng" is a "room" that we can taste "tea" and have a "meal". Through the exploration of old cha-chan-tengs which have operated in Hong Kong for several decades, we can see they are layered with multiple identities, which can be read from spatial, time and social perspectives°K"

"It is also an event about disjunction between space and function. A decade before, the architect Bernard Tschumi perceived the "future" of architecture with his quote "function does not follow form, form does not follow function........." (Full text)

Starting from mid October 2005, architect Stan Lai will introduce one Cha Chan Teng to you every week. Let's go and keep making pilgrimages to Cha Chan Teng! Please click to visit:

Holy Place No. 1: Mido Cafe
(A seminar will be held on 11 Nov night)
Holy Place No. 2: Hoi On Cafe (21 Oct)
Holy Place No. 3: China Bing-Sut (28 Oct)
Holy Place No. 4: Sin Chuan Heng (4 Nov)