Talks and seminars that tell the stories of local buildings, taking us through their past and future.

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HKIA 2008 Award Winners Talk & Tour Series
"Architecture · Cinema and the Language of Vision" Seminar
Architecture engaging the "Public" Seminar
"Design · Product · Architecture" Seminar
"The Architecture in Food" Seminar
Activate "Wo Cheong Pawn Shop" Sharing Seminar
"Participation of Community" Sharing Session
"Tradition and Vision" Seminar
"Art of the History · Part of the Future" Seminar
"140 years of Making Hong Kong" Seminar
Vanishing Cityscape Architectural Symposium
Cha Chan Teng Worship
Hong Kong Architecture Centre Weekend @ Biennale - Talks
Chu Hai Archi-cultural Symposium 2008
Chu Hai Archi-cultural Symposium 2007