Guided tours by professionals that offer a wider view of outstanding architectures in the city, followed by intimate visits to each of them as we trace our cultural roots.


With the help of the current chairman of Courtesy centre, Dr. Ronald Lu and with the assistance of Swire Properties centre, the centre along with 31-some members are brought to visit the first few residential project in Asia, located in OPUS Hong Kong, Stubbs Road designed by Pritzker Prize winnder, Frank Gehry.

On the same day, the centre arranged a tour bus to take participants to and from the Admiralty to OPUS. There was light rain but the crowd was nonetheless excited about the event. Upon the arrival, visiting members took pictures of the surrounding environments. The OPUS introduced clever use of props and materials to the flow curve and the spiral structure accompanied by the building exterior dynamic and participants did not miss any photo opportunity to explore every detail of the building.

Swire Properties project manager lead participants to the visiting of the pent-house, which was indeed in noble and elegant buildings of the style. Then, leading to other floors to visit. Just in to the unit, it loop-back 360 degrees to enjoy the charming scenery of the Peak and Victoria Harbor; between the maze like grid, everyone's eyes was filled with excitement and astonishment.

With the detailed explanation from the project manager, we understand more on the risks that was brought out from technical construction process of the OPUS . It was needed to admire the effort of the architects had adhere and involved. So that again, there is a landmark in Hong Kong buildings, expressing the rich regional culture.