Guided tours by professionals that offer a wider view of outstanding architectures in the city, followed by intimate visits to each of them as we trace our cultural roots.


Central Centripetal

Hong Kong Architecture Centre Weekend @ Biennale
(Walking Period~1.5Hours)

Central is the most intriguing backdrop of our glamorous harbour. And beyond its prominent silhouette, the cityscape is dramatically rich and complex with its crossover of buildings and city spaces, new and old, mega and miniature, learning on and bridged over an uniquely sloped terrain, housing our city's proudly addressed metropolitan commerce, colonial mementos, SOHO cultures, urban heritages and our Chinese root all at the same time and same spot.

Descending, ascending and meandering the interwoven, our tour will guide you through the premises of Central, exploring its many characters and possibilities, tangible and intangible.

DateĄG 1 Mar, 2008 (Sat) &
2 Mar, 2008 (Sun)
TimeĄG 10:00 am
VenueĄG Central Police Station Compund-
10 Hollywood Road Central
FeeĄG $ 80 (Friends of Architecture)
$ 100 (Non-member)
Closing for ApplicationĄG 15 Feb, 2008 (Fri)
The Walking Tour in Central
Architecture Tour in Central Police Station Compound