Archi-Platform  建築平台

Events for young people, where a group of young architects create and foster engagement with the community through different media, channels and cross-disciplinary events. In the past, we have organised brick-building workshops for children, co-screened architecturally-themed films, and concrete-making workshops.


Previous Activities


‘Architecture X Nature’ Talk and Workshop on 17 June 2017

「建築 X 自然」

The event invited three architects and three natural conservation advocates to discuss green living. Humphrey Wong, Tony Ip and William Lai talked about ‘zero harm’ architecture. Mok Ho Kwong shared his way of sustainable living. Monkey Yip, a modern farmer encouraged audience to take part in urban planting. Ell Tam shared her work in protecting cattles. After the sharing, the speakers made basil dips with the plants from the exhibition and invited participants to bring a bit of green home.


"Architecture X Movie" on 24 Sep 2016

「建築 X 電影」

3位香港導演 x 3位本地建築師


"Architecture X Upcycle" on 04 Oct 2015

「建築 X 廢青」(關注廢物回收的青年)

「建築 x 廢青」論壇  邀請兩組講者包括三位嘉賓與三位青年建築師分享建築與廢物回收的新思維。

「廢青 x 建築」升級再造工作坊 利用建築廢料去創作居生活用品,用創意將廢物Up-cycle。


Architecture X Openrice on 28 Nov 2015

「建築 X 開飯」

「建築 x 開飯」論壇 邀請三位青年建築師 X三位烹飪種植達人,每組講者圍繞活動主題每人作八分鐘的演講,由飲食角度睇建築與人際交流的關係和重要性

「低碳烹飪共食」工作坊-由Green Hub 帶領的低碳烹飪班