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HKAC Members Exclusive Event: Special Guided Tour -‘Harbour Arts Sculpture Park’ 香港建築中心會員活動:「藝遊維港」- 藝.遊.導賞團

HKAC Members Exclusive Event: Special Guided Tour -‘Harbour Arts Sculpture Park’: A 90-minute guided tour of Hong Kong’s first international sculpture park

Guided Tour Speaker: Mr Ian Leung (Programme Manager, Hong Kong Arts Centre)

 Date: 7/4/2018 (Saturday)

Time: 16:00-17:30

Capacity: 25 people (Free admission on a first-come, first-served basis. Exclusive event for HKAC members.)

Language: Cantonese

Gathering Point: Tamar Park Culture Plaza (next to Sculpture No.16 Mark Wallinger’s artwork)

Online Application:

Enquiries: 2805 7146 /


“Harbour Arts Sculpture Park”

Harbour Arts Sculpture Park (22 February to 11 April 2018) is Hong Kong’s first international sculpture park on the city’s iconic harbourfront. A museum without walls, this project features sculptures by emerging and renowned local and international artists, free to the public. Curated by Tim Marlow (Artistic Director at the Royal Academy of Arts) and Fumio Nanjo (Director of Mori Art Museum and Director of International Programme at Hong Kong Art School), Harbour Arts Sculpture Park dramatically transforms the landscape along the Central and Western District Promenade, offering a unique opportunity to experience world-class art set against the backdrop of Hong Kong’s iconic skyline. Cementing Hong Kong’s position as a global arts player, the sculpture park will be accompanied by a diverse and extensive programme of workshops and educational activities, demonstrating that art is for all ages and interests.

Participating artists of Harbour Arts Sculpture Park include Rasheed Araeen (UK), Michael Craig-Martin (UK), Tracey Emin (UK), Ho Kwun Ting (HKSAR), Jenny Holzer (USA), Gimhongsok (South Korea), Antony Gormley (UK), Zheng Guogu (China), Yayoi Kusama (Japan), Tony Oursler (USA), Conrad Shawcross (UK), Bosco Sodi (Mexico), Hank Willis Thomas (USA), Matthew Tsang (HKSAR), Mark Wallinger (UK), Zhan Wang (China), Wong Chi-yung (HKSAR), Kacey Wong (HKSAR), and Morgan Wong (HKSAR).


香港建築中心會員活動:「藝遊維港」- 藝.遊.導賞團:90 分鐘的導賞團了解香港首個國際級雕塑公園

講者:梁偉然 (香港藝術中心節目經理)


時間:下午 4 時至 5 時 30 分

名額:25人 (香港建築中心會員專享免費活動,先到先得)

集合地點:添馬公園文化廣場(編號 16 號— Mark Wallinger 作品旁)



查詢:2805 7146 /


「藝遊維港Harbour Arts Sculpture Park」

香港首個國際級雕塑公園「藝遊維港Harbour Arts Sculpture Park」(2018年2月22日至4月11日)齊集新晉及知名本地及國際當代藝術家的雕塑作品,在香港標誌性的維港迷人景緻下,呈獻一個不受牆壁及空間限制的博物館。由Tim Marlow(英國皇家藝術學院藝術總監)及南條史生(森美術館館長暨香港藝術學院藝術教育國際總監)策展,市民可在維港迷人景緻作背景下,免費欣賞到國際級藝術品。為鞏固香港作為國際藝術中心的地位,展覽期間將有不同工作坊及教育活動,內容豐富多元化,為不同年齡人士提供接觸藝術的機會。

「藝遊維港Harbour Arts Sculpture Park」參展藝術家包括:Rasheed Araeen(英國)、Michael Craig-Martin(英國)、Tracey Emin(英國)、何冠廷(香港)、Jenny Holzer (美國)、金泓錫(南韓)、Antony Gormley(英國)、鄭國谷(中國)、草間彌生(日本)、 Tony Oursler (美國)、Conrad Shawcross (英國)、Bosco Sodi (墨西哥)、Hank Willis Thomas (美國)、曾敏富(香港)、Mark Wallinger (英國)、展望(中國)、王志勇(香港)、黃國才(香港), 及黃榮法(香港)。