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Message from the Chairlady

Dear HKAC Members and Friends,

It is a great pleasure and honour for me to serve the Hong Kong Architecture Centre, a meaningful platform, to promote good Architecture to the Public.

The Hong Kong Architecture Centre was founded in 2006 with a genuine intention of being the bridge between Architecture and the Community.

In the past years, we have made many attempts to create values for People, Community and our Society.

With all the hardworks of our previous Chairs, Board of Directors, Committee Chairs and Members, HKAC has matured and flourished.

The Centre motto is “Architecture for All”, with the vision to build a better place for All, the mission of connecting People and Architecture, and the dedicated and committed members, we have really accomplished some small steps:

Our Project the  “10-Most-liked Hong Kong Architecture” has won the Art Development Council - Art Promotion Award in 2015, PR Awards - GOLD Award - Best Engagement - Mass Community; Silver Award -Most Effective PR Campaign; Bronze Award -Best PR Campaign –Public in 2016, and recently it has won the 2017 Japan Good Design Award.

For Archi-Walks, with Joe Lui’s due diligence, we have set up regular and special Architecture walks in Hong Kong, and also the founding of the Docent Academy and its first Archi-Docent training programme.

For Archi-Talks, with the leadership of SM Fung, Tony Lam and Betsy Lai, series of Architecture Talks were organized and open for the public to cultivate a deeper understanding into what Architecture is.

Archi-Trips, architecture study trips out of Hong Kong led by KC King and Gordon Li, is one of our very popular programmes.

As Buckminster Fuller has said “ the Best Learning is outside of the classroom.” Archi-Trips are precious opportunities that we can learn more into Architecture of other cultures. The most valuable experience was to meet and exchange the Architects there.

In order to share with the public our knowledge, experience and insights, HKAC is connecting with public through the Metro 4 Radio programme 建築隨意門 and weekly article at Skypost’s 筆講建築.

Our”十築香港” 10-Most-liked Hong Kong Architecture at HK International Airport and at Taipei, with the interactive workshops with the public, were all proved to be very successful.

The growth and success of HKAC is dependent on a lot of dedicated members. Amongst all, we must thank Raymond Fung, our ex-chair, who has created this marvelous project for us, set a stable foundation for HKAC, so we can spring on it.

As Eminent Architect Tadao Ando has said in his latest book Endeavours:

'Imagine if everyone saw their everyday surroundings as their own problem and took action in whatever small way they could. There could be no endeavour more creative or richer with possibilities than this. '

This is also the mission of HKAC, to ignite the passion in us, to build collectively a better place on earth.


Best Regards,

Corrin Chan

HKAC chair 2017-19