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PLAY to Change 2.0 - PLAY to Understand 玩轉─諒

Date 日期: 08.02.2018 – 25.03.2018
Venue 地點: Activity Room 2, Oi! 油街實現 活動室2

‘PLAY to Understand’ explores the phenomenon of challenges such as City vs Nature, History vs Future, Individual vs Community that we face every day. The work ‘Veil of Hope’ is assembled as a veil formed by the illustrated plastic bowls, which inspired with visions of our city from children and teenagers. Through reading and drawing, we hope to engage the audience in better understanding our surroundings and re-examining our own values and dreams.

Participating team: CHAN Chuen Chi Simon, Simon Hsu, Sin Chung Kin Kenton, Chow Ka Wong Felix

「玩轉─諒」的建築師團隊嘗試從城市與自然、歷史與未來、個人與社會等方向探討我們日常所遇到的挑戰。展覽「繪 | 望 | 賞」邀請青少年在膠盆上繪製出對城市生活的了解和想像,再製作成裝置。藉此讓參觀者了解周遭的生活環境,並引發觀眾重新審視自我價值和夢想。

建築師團隊: 陳傳智、徐宗文、冼宗键、周加旺