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PLAY to Change 3.0 - PLAY to Venture: The “Brick Planners” Workshop

「磚造規劃」工作坊利用積木去設計城市街角中的建築,以積木的顏色去區分空間的用途,並與其他參加者的設計組合成一條街道,並就街道或天橋的行人連接作重新思考。優秀作品可能會在「玩轉 - 行」展覽中展出!

The “Brick Planners” workshop let you to design a city architecture with toy bricks! Zoning with colours and forming a street with all other designs, we aim to reimagine the delights of walking and experiencing through street and over the bridges. We may make the selective design’s debut in the PLAY to Venture exhibition!


日期 Date:02.09.2018 (Sun)

時間 Time:14:30 – 16:30

地點 Venue:油街實現Oi!

名額 Quota:12組



*Free admission. Successful registration will be notified by email. Outdoor event is subject to changes due to weather condition. Please refer to Facebook for any updates.