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PLAY to Change 3.0 - Play to Transform - thinking “OUT” loud 「玩轉-變」放聲思考

香港是一個高樓生活的現代城市典範。多年來建造了大量的住宅大樓; 當中一些的外觀極為相似,創造了多個較為均一的社區景觀。我們曾考慮過住宅單位的內部會對建築物的外部造成很大影響嗎? 如果每個單位的外觀都可以注入更多的個性,是否可以形成一種新的更人性化的社區?我們將通過與幾位在塑造香港住宅社區方面具經驗豐富的資深建築師的對話來探索上述的可能性,齊來想像一下通過從內到外設計我們的居所,以創造一個有趣的社區。

地點 :油街實現 Oi!

陳翠兒 (建築師、香港建築中心主席)
梁維健 (建築師)
梁喜蓮 (建築師)

伊藤彥子 (建築師)


Hong Kong is a city that has set an example for modern high-rise living. Massive numbers of towers are built throughout the years for residential purpose; exteriors of some are more alike than the others, creating a unique landscape of uniformity. Have we ever considered that the interior of a flat could vastly affect the exterior of a building? Could a new kind of community be formed if the outlook of each flat were infused with more personality? We will explore this possibility by interviewing veteran architects who are experienced in shaping residential communities of Hong Kong. The talk would be an extension of the exhibition “Play to Transform - BYOF” – a light-hearted exchange to imagine if a fun neighbourhood could be created by designing our flat from inside out.

Venue: Oi!

Corrin Chan (Architect, Chair of HK Architecture Centre)
Clarence Leung (Architect)
Helen HL Leung (Architect)

Hikoko Ito (Architect)

Language: Cantonese