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過界 — 〈城市重縫〉今天起開始接受短片報名!! Beyond Boundaries - "City Re-stitched" Exhibition now accepts film entries!!

為配合 “City Re-stitched”展覽,我們誠意邀請大家以影片方式記錄生活。 我們正在尋找不同角度的放映作品,以探索對城市的日常觀察,思想和想像。
片長:< 3 分鐘  
評委會:“城市重縫”團隊, 黎智禮先生
部分作品將上載於香港建築中心Facebook 及網站以作推廣用途。

"City Re-stitched" Exhibition now accepts film entries!!!!!
In extension to the exhibition “City Re-stitched”, we invite you to be part of the screening by submitting your captures of life. We are looking for entries from different perspectives to reveal their moments of daily observations, thoughts and imagination of the city fabric.  
Film Submission topic: City Re-stitched through the Eyes
Maximum film length: 3 mins
File format: All entries must be submitted digitally (Video Download Link)
Online application:
Submission deadline: 5 Aug 2019
Entry Fee: FREE
Judging Panel: “City Re-Stitched”team & Mr.  Anthony Lai
Selected candidates will be contacted individually for showcasing arrangements.
Selected works will be used on Hong Kong Architecture Center Facebook and websites, for promotional purpose. For further inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us at:  
Looking forward to your submissions.

回顧 “城市重縫” 展覽
過界 - 城市重縫
陳晉怡  x 徐浚誠 x 謝樂怡
< 城市重縫 > 是一個實體的電影空間試驗,改變傳統觀看電影的方法,讓觀者重新體驗影片 中的城市。創作由建築和電影的模糊邊界著手, 把時間與空間元素扭曲再加以重組;以電影中 的香港為藍本,重新拆解組合當中的建築元素,再與現實城市空間合成。一道道的屏幕如同空 間的延伸大門,以電影每秒二十四格的方式,在二十四坪大小的空間之中與觀眾產生互動,反 射並投影觀眾的移動過程。
劉旭輝, FRAME: Structures and Films of Hong Kong (2019), Video
黎工 x 徐海, 啱Channel (2019), Video

Previously on “City Re-stitched” Exhibition  
Beyond Boundaries - CITY RE-STITCHED  
Alison Chan x Chris Tsui x Serena Tse
CITY RE-STITCHED is a spatial cinematic experiment that plays with the viewing experience of movies. As a collaboration beyond boundaries, architecture and film is overlayed with the element of time intersecting physical space. Framed in Hong Kong, the creative process started with the distillation of architectural elements found in film to the fundamentals, followed by restitching the fragments of cityscape. Seeing screens as doors to a space extension, the piece is composed with reflections, projections and the movement of audiences in the 24 sqm, in the format of 24 frames per second.  A sense of infinity is created in parts while ambiguity blurs part of the journey. An invite of discovery it is, in our city restitched.  
Media piece:  
FRAME: Structures and Films of Hong Kong  (2019), Video
Lai Kung x Xu Wai Hoi, 啱 Channel (2019), Video