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PLAY to Change 3.0 - PLAY to Transform: “Inside Out” Workshop

住宅的外觀建築設計大大影響內在空間的使用。建築師伊藤彥子和于萬成的作品「自備單位」將會嘗試反其道而行,在他們的引導下,參加者僅以筆、紙和循環再用的購物紙袋,由內而外地設計一個自己的夢想家居,「有諸內則形於外」,為建築物來個大翻新。完成作品更會被併入成為展品展出。參加者請自攜紙袋(不小於30cm(闊) x 20cm(長) x 30cm(高))。

How residential towers are designed on the outside has always affected the way we use the inside. In this exhibition ‘BYOB(Bring-Your-Own-Flat)’, architect Irene Ito and Anthony Yu will try to do the other way round. Under the guidance of them, participants will be given a chance to design their own dream flats from the inside out, using pen, paper & recycled paper bags and hence determine the outlook of our buildings. Participant’s artworks will be incorporated as part of the exhibits and are encouraged to bring their own paper bags (not smaller than 30cm(W) x 20cm(L) x 30cm(H)).

「諸於內 ‧ 型於外」工作坊 “Inside Out” Workshop

12.01.2019 I 14:30 – 16:30

地點 Venue:油街實現 Oi!

名額 Quota:30