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PLAY to Change 2.0 - 'PLAY to Activate 玩轉•活'

玩轉-活 PLAY to Activate
06.04.2018 – 13.05.2018


22.4.2018 及 6.5.2018「夢想疊家」模型工作坊

‘PLAY to Activate’ examines the residential issue in Hong Kong. Living in tiny flats is an inevitable choice for many people. Architect Au Fai creates an installation ‘Compact-ivating Oil Street’, which is a playful, experimental and ambiguous ‘room in room’. It creates an intimate and lively communal space for public’s exploration, and meanwhile showcases the dream home of a group of young architects.

Upcoming Event: 
22.4.2018 & 6.5.2018 ‘Stack Your Dream Home’ Model Workshop